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Nowadays we use our smartphones to browse the Web, take photos and videos, and upload content and share it with friends. The smartphone has become a convenient means for performing these tasks. Having traveled to a number of places and taken photos with your digital camera, you might later want to know where you took each one. Well, a geofoto will serve this purpose by providing you with some additional information. These photos make everyday life interesting. You can also remember when and where the photo was taken. You can later send them to your friends and let them know where exactly the photos were clicked.


SITIS has come up with a new Android app named GeoLog. The app makes use of the device’s sensors to save accelerometer or GPS information, from your device to a log file. The app synchronizes the photos and logs, thereby helping you create a geofoto. It also generates a PDF report that consists of maps, sites, tracks and much more.

The app has two tabs: Record Log and Synchronization. Under the Record Log tab you can save the GPS information, magnetometer data and other data that is obtained from your smartphone’s sensor into the log file. The app also lets you determine the site coverage, which is the ratio of the area covering the track to the area of the site, expressed in percentage.

GeoLog can also sync a camera’s photos with the log, allowing you to create geofotos. All you have to do is press the start button to record a new log. You can position your smart device in the same orientation of the camera that you use to shoot. Take a photo of the show time in the phone’s display by selecting the ‘show time’ menu. You can then copy the photos from the camera to the smartphone via Wi-Fi or Eye-Fi (A wireless memory card that can be used in a digital camera, allowing you to automatically upload your digital pictures to their wireless network).

Geolog records the sensor data from the device. The synchronization tab provides you with options to select logs and photo directories and create geofotos by synchronizing them. You can also produce a PDF report using the app regarding the site coverage. The PDF report contains two maps along with the sites and tracks selected, data of the coverage and the author’s name. The sensor’s data can be obtained from the device and processed later. Based on the sensor data, you can also conduct Search and Rescue operations. You can inspect the site and generate reports based on the results.


GeoLog displays all the photos along with their geographic coordinates that existed at the time of shooting. The app has access to your location, network communication and phone calls. The app makes use of your GPS, cell towers or Wi-Fi to obtain the exact location. To make the app find out the current location/position you must turn on these services. The app has access to the phone’s features, to determine the identity of the device. The app can also modify or delete the contents of your USB storage and SD card.

With GeoLog you can create only three projects and it allows you to perform sync operations with only three logs.

GeoLog is a free app that requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Price : Free

Rating : 4/5


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