Go Weather App Review

Well not all of us want to know the weather all the time, but for many who are players of out door sports, people who live on the beach and those who are at sea all the time. Or some of us who just like to know what’s happening around us all the time, its nice to have our own personal weather reporter at hand on our very own android mobile.


Now a days we have everything at our beck and call, I don’t see why we should just look out of the window and make a presumption on whether its going to rain or not. Let’s not make out our plans on presumptions, but make plans that are definitely going to happen and not going be destroyed by the rain.

I am compelled to tell you the first thing that I did when I first got the app on my mobile. Well to start off with, I was looking out for an opportunity to propose to my now fiancée, well I thought of every romantic way possible, about tying the ring to my dogs collar, dousing the ring in a glass of wine and many more.

But one thing that really stole my heart away was, the idea of proposing at a lake in the moon light on a rainy day. Well that would have just been a dream if I didn’t find this app, for I couldn’t predict when it would rain. When I got the app the idea popped into my head again, and with God’s grace, I had my moment, a true moment of love. And offcourse yes, the answer was “Yes”. Umm.. just can’t forget the moment, it will be a memory for life.

This is just a simple example how the app could be of use to people like me, however there’s a lot more that you could use it for I’m sure. The features that you’ll be seeing on the app are, a live wall paper, local weather forecasts which are live, a high impact visual with lovely animation, quick access to weather on locations that are saved, access to any location in the world, weather videos that are available in 3D with high definition, you could view cached weather data anytime when your offline, and offcourse a desktop widget. Hope you have a memorable experience with the “Go Weather” app as well.

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