Graffitier is Getting Ready to Leave Its Tag on the Social Media Scene

With the success of social media apps it seems like everyone is trying to get in on the action. Sadly, not everyone is successful at producing something fun, engaging, and useful. Thankfully one of the latest offerings, Graffitier is not one of those apps.

Graffitier is an app which allows users to take pictures and videos with their phone, post those photos and videos, and tag them with a location and a comment. In addition to photos and videos, users are also able to tag a location with a note. Even cooler, these photos, videos, and notes show up on a GPS map, so you can see what your friends have to say, and find the photo and picture locations. No more longer will you have to sit wondering where to find the restaurant that served the delicious looking meal that your friend just posted, or the club they just sent the FOMO-inducing video.

The features are intuitive and easy to use. For example the photo option comes with many handy Instagram-style filters that you can use to add some zest to your shots. The seventeen filters they provide cover all your needs, from making your salad look irresistible to turning a simple selfie into a moment to remember.

Features are no good unless you can figure out where to get them, and the user interface for Graffitier makes that process extremely simple. You can reach the options to take a photo, video, or leave a note from a single button. The filters for photos show themselves right after you take the picture and are easy to scroll through and understand, and finding them map, your friends, and your feed is a snap. Also easy to find are the ability to edit your profile – a must have for those of us who are never quite satisfied with what we have to say about ourselves!

While all of this is well and good, these features are what we expect from our social media apps this day in age. Where Graffitier really sets itself apart is the map function. By pulling up the GPS map through the app you can see not only what your friends posted, but where they posted from. Allowing you to track your friends and their stories across the globe is a great way to keep in touch when you or your friends are traveling and want to share their journey, but do not have the time, skill, or energy to keep a travel blog. By creating a geographical display for posts, and for letting people take locations without taking photos, Graffitier really adds a fun new twist to the social media app market.

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