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Get Carbodroid, Drink Water and Stay Healthy

Life has become hectic these days. Apart from skipping breakfast, it was my habit to forget even to drink water sometimes. I did know, it was not a healthy habit, but I was not able to avoid that. Android Market helped me get out of it.


Carbodroid is a free Android app that reminds users to drink water everyday. Apart from tracking user’s water intake, it also motivates them to change their drinking habit. I think this is an impressive feature for an app. If a user drinks more water it will make the on-screen droid more happy.


Carbodroid has an easy way to enter the consumed water quantity. After drinking water, just tap the bottle or glass that correspondents to how much water you have had. This app also gives notification with an alarm sound at regular intervals to remind users to drink water. These reminders will stop as soon as you have reached your target.

Our body needs at least 6-8 glasses of water every day to keep our skin and nails healthy. Water also increases our fitness and helps us to stay in shape. If you think, you don’t drink enough water then give Carbodroid a try. This app is really user-friendly and available for free of cost.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/ 5

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