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Fitness Cafe – A Guide to Staying Fit and Healthy

Exercise is one of the effective ways to look younger and fitter. Exercising twice a day reduces unwanted fat from your body, makes you feel confident about your appearance and protects you from flu, cold and other diseases. Workouts improve your mood and help you face day-to-day challenges with increased efficiency. Here is an Android app named Fitness Cafe (for both beginners and fitness freaks) which provides you with full-body workout programs to help you schedule your exercise sessions.

What’s the app about?

Fitness Cafe is one of the essential tools which every individual must have to keep himself/herself fit and healthy. The app consists of various kinds of exercise programs for men and women separately. Every program in the app consists of various types of instructive videos that illustrate each workout clearly. This app belongs to the health and fitness category in the Google Play store.

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How does the app work?

The app consists of 2 options, namely Personal Training and Body Parts Exercise. Each option provides you with different types of workout cards like Special Therapy, Enhancing Sport, Wake up Skin etc. The app also offers separate workouts for men, women, burning fat and much more. Once you select a suitable workout card, you can get started with the exercises.

Fitness Cafe has more than 200 amazing videos which contain demonstrations by a professional trainer. For additional clarity, you are also provided with text descriptions that explain the postures. The app provides you with body exercise programs to acquire a lean body, muscle strength and flexibility. There is also a special program that consists of simple stretches which can be done while you are at work.

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Unique features of the app:

Fitness Cafe gives you ‘Cafe Stars’ after each workout. Using these stars you can buy 26 additional programs through an in-app purchase. The Body Parts Exercise option provides you with workouts for specific parts of your body like the chest, shoulders, arms etc. This feature helps target the problem zones which require additional toning. If you are finding it difficult to keep pace with the instructions, you can pause the programs whenever needed and play them again. In addition to the exercises, I would have liked to see some basic health tips and suggestions for healthy eating.

Fitness Cafe is a great fitness guide which you can conveniently carry around on your smartphone. It is a free app which requires Android 4.0 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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