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Good Morning Alarm Clock: A Smart Alarm Clock App that Helps You Achieve Optimum Sleep

If you rely on an alarm clock to help you get up for the daily grind, the default Android alarm clock is understandably lacking in other helpful features that fulfills the primary purpose of an app: to assist the user in making his daily activities (and life, in general) easier and more convenient. The stock alarm clock of your smartphone serves a very pragmatic, impersonal function: to wake you up. And that’s just about it.

The developers of Good Morning Alarm Clock obviously saw this issue and sought to address this by offering an alarm clock app that seeks to improve your sleep. Yes, it still fulfills the main function of an alarm clock but its other incorporated, innate features serve to make it stand out from the rest of its kind.

Upon launching the app, you are promptly allowed to start adjusting your alarm range. This is pretty much the time range in which the alarm would set off. The default range is 30 minutes long, and you can expect your alarm to ring within that time frame. You will also notice that the default interface also displays the current weather in your area for easy planning of your day.

However, what really highlights Good Morning Alarm Clock is undoubtedly its Intelligent Wake-up feature. It’s pretty much an intelligent capability that lets the app monitor you while you sleep. This can be activated by placing your phone beside you before sleeping. This also ensures that the app would only wake you up during the lightest phase of your sleep, which studies can confirm is the best time for a person to wake up feeling more refreshed and energetic.

Besides this, the app also offers a detailed analysis of your sleep, which it then presents in statistical form. You can peruse them any time through simple graphs, which show you how much time you spend sleeping and how good your overall sleep is.

The Nightstand mode of the app, on the other hand, disables the said analysis feature and lets you use the app as a standard alarm clock. The app also adds the option to choose from a variety of alarm tunes (or you can select your favorite) to wake you up. Good Morning Alarm Clock goes further by throwing in a couple of relaxing sounds to help you doze off easier at night. Lastly, the app also gives you various sleep goals, which simply remind you of the importance of getting quality sleep for a healthier lifestlyle.

Good Morning Alarm Clock certainly stands out from other alarm clock apps with its Intelligent Wake-up feature as well as its taking the liberty to record your night statistics. Not only do these features help you wake up in the morning, but they also make sure that you would always have the ability to adjust your sleeping environment so you’ll always have those much-desired refreshing forty winks.

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