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NutriGuide: Best Summary and Information App for Food Products

People are slowly realizing the importance of health and the impact of their diets, with more and more people setting off to the road to fitness there is a growing need to effectively tracking the diet and other details which are important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The NutriGuide app is quite an useful app that as been thoughtfully made to help users stick to their diets and attain their goals, the app features the ability to scan the bar codes of any food product using smartphones or even by simply entering the code manually.

App Concept: The Concept of the app is not new but the features packed along with it make it truly useful, its primary feature is to scan bar-codes directly from the food product along with this the app also enables the users to keep track of the food they eat whether Halal, Kosher or Vegetarian. The profile feature logs the users statistics which can later be used to track progress. Additional to that it has an unique allergies log wherein people are warned if the product contains any traces of the allergic substance, user can also save some more details like their daily nutrient intake and goals. It has quickly grown popular among fitness conscious individuals who use it for accessing valuable details and nutritional breakdown.


– Easy to use Interface, the home screen offers four simple options, two of which are to scan codes through camera or manually and the other two are settings and reminders.

– Get the information of the food product – Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian or GMO and also get Nutritional Details like Fat, Carbohydrates, Protein values, the information provide by the app his highly accurate and reliable.

– Lets the users log the allergies into the app, the app will filter the scan products to find any non-compliant materials and alert the user about any potentially allergic product.

– Reminders are another useful feature that allows the user to get alerts when the food is not within the parameters of their diets. Users can even set the reminders manually for any tasks like meal times, workout alerts, etc.

– The app lets the user set goals for their nutrient intake, these goals show the max intake alongside the logged intake for a particular day. This lets user count nutrients like sugar, sodium, fats, etc.

Working of the App :

The app features a smooth and easy to understand interface, when the app is launched for the first time it requires the user to enter a few details like Age, Height, Weight and Gender. Once these details are enter user get to choose between three primary goal which are loosing weight, maintaining weight and gaining weight. Now all the food products scanned will be referred to these goals and the app will present an alert each time the user scans any product that does not adhere to their diet. What makes this app stand out are all the useful features bundled into one single app, the NutriGuide app is a must have for any fitness enthusiast who wants to keep a track on their diet.

The app is available in both Google Play and iTunes.

Price: Free

Download from Android Market

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