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OMG. I Can Meditate!: Learn How to Meditate the Proper Way Quickly

In these present times when productivity and multi-tasking are being given unprecedented importance, the need to find time for isolation becomes all the more necessary. Isolation not in the sense of shutting yourself out completely but simply training yourself to savor silence and exercise self-reflection. After all, if you allow yourself to be bombarded by distractions (from your mobile phone alone, you can easily get a lot these, without a doubt) and problems on a daily basis, it won’t take long for its negative effects (both physical and emotional) to manifest themselves.

Coming up with an organized plan to tackle these issues is only half of the solution. For you can never really function at your best if you are not conditioned not just physically but mentally as well. This is where the beneficial effects of meditation as well as its relevance in today’s hectic world become more apparent.

Most of us already have an inkling of what meditation is about. However, there is clearly something that’s holding us back from even giving it a try; some of us tried it but ultimately stopped doing it because we don’t seem to be getting anything out of it. We know of its many advantages, especially in promoting overall wellness. What’s stopping many of us from incorporating it in our daily routine? Without a doubt, the real reason behind these issues are the misconceptions that we have about the said practice.

OMG. I Can Meditate! seeks to address it by serving as a platform from which just about anyone can easily learn and begin practicing meditation every day. The app wastes no time in putting the proven advantages of meditation in the limelight, so we’re not going to include them anymore in this review. The site more than expounds on its benefits already as well.

Thus, we’ll focus only on the app’s features. The main one is the Daily Mindful Meditations feature. With it, you’ll be provided with your own in-app personal meditation coach, who would teach you the basics of meditation and guide in you doing certain techniques. Aptly, meditative music is used, while being instructed by a calming voice on how to breathe and relax correctly. The tracks used are separated into categories that have pervading themes of healing, compassion, kindness, etc.

The app also applies a targeted approach in teaching meditation. For instance, if you want to promote your love life, then know that there is an actual meditation technique that you can do to foster the said factor in your life. The same goes for those who want to resolve problems in stress and anxiety, weight loss, nurturing compassion, and even finding wealth. Morning and Sleep Meditation, on the other hand, are designed people who prefer to meditate in the morning or those who have insomnia or trouble getting a restful sleep at night, respectively.

The app even offers on-the-go meditation so people would never have the reason to not meditate even if they are already commuting to work. What’s equally better is the fact that sessions do not need to last long for you to start feeling their positive effects. Most last only for as long as 10 minutes, while on-the-go meditation only needs a measly 2 minutes of your time.

This app is made different from other meditation apps by its comprehensiveness, as well as the fact that it’s entirely free. Other apps offer only either offer users instructional information on meditation or tools (such as music) that help people meditate, and users even have to pay for them. OMG. I Can Meditate! chooses to offer all of these and different types of meditative techniques for various cases and issues in a single platform; a platform that anyone, kids and adults alike, won’t find it hard to start practicing meditation.

The real value of this app lies in the fact that it has demystified meditation. It has successfully removed any remonstrations people have over the said proven healthy practice, and even highlighted its notable benefits. With this app, you could very well finally take that next big step up the wellness ladder, and it’s probably the only thing you needed to do to change your life.

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