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TaoMix Android App Review: It Lets You Create Amazing Sounds, And Play Them According To The Atmosphere

TaoMix android app is a free mobile application which gives you the opportunity to easily create your very own evolving and relaxing sounds that is appropriate to your environment. This kind of environment is ideal for sleeping, relaxing or even concentrating when performing yoga.

The user interface is quite simple to handle. It’s tidy and the minimalist design allows for unique possibilities for your atmosphere to evolve randomly at its own pace. In other words, it lets you experience the atmosphere of sounds, which is subject to change every time you want.

Sound Creating App
Main Features:

TaoMix lets you create your very own unique and relaxing music you can play at will. Not all sounds will appeal to everyone, and this is why you need a tool that will allow you to customize your sounds according to the atmosphere.

The ambience evolves every time in a random order, which means you won’t know what sound is coming next. It’s part of the fun for those who love the randomness of the movement aspects.

And of course the user interface is neat, easy to use and straight to the point. Users say they’ve never come across such an android app with a simple and minimalist design. That’s good news for those who don’t like going techy.

TaoMix has many different sounds to play with. Not only does it allow for customization, but the sound is top notch in quality. Everybody loves quality music, and that’s what this android app is all about, sounds and quality of it.

This amazing app also lets you use your device for other functions at the same time you’re running it. You could even open another music application and it won’t affect TaoMix’s performance in the background.

For those who love meditation exercises such as yoga, TaoMix comes handy because the sounds incorporated therein can go with any mood. If you want to relax (which is appropriate for yoga exercises), you can easily program the app to create the ambience you want.

And lastly, the timer is also worth mentioning. It’s one feature of the app that lets you sleep along as you enjoy your self-evolving ambiance. This is one app that will play to your tunes.

Sound Mixer App
The free version of TaoMix:

With the free version, you’ll gain access to the first 3 categories of each sound, and that’s not really bad because you can still play around to get the best of sound combinations ever. And there’s no time limit to use your application. Most apps of this nature will give you access to some of the features but with limited time.

The full version of the app:

Of course you’ll unlock all sounds in every category. And whenever you create a sound combination, you’ll be able to retrieve it in your own time and play it when you want. The free version also provide this feature. And lastly, variety is what makes this app appealing. You can mix up to 10 different relaxing sounds in a beautiful way, one fading after the other. In other words, when you install the app into your device, you are your own DJ.


There are a lot of things you can do with TaoMix as far as creating and listening to sounds is concerned. You can drug the disks (each sound represented by different colored disk) to modify your sounds. It’s a world of sounds with no limits, where everything is possible. It only depends on how creative you are, and you’ll get the job done. Definitely, it’s an app worth trying.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Download from Android Market

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