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The Naima Pregnancy App: Looking out for your future son or daughter!

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Did you know that a pregnant woman needs to take plenty of fluids to maintain a sufficient amount of amniotic fluid? Or that moderated swimming can be a beneficial exercise for soon-to-be mothers as it offsets emotional imbalances and betters flexibility? You probably didn’t know all that. Knowledge is the door to a healthy pregnancy, and the Naima app holds the keys to successful delivery. Have a multitude of proven professionals at the tip of your hands to teach you the wrongs and rights of ‘pregnancy hood,‘ and take charge of your baby’s health with monitored statistics. 

Naima features

Android users can download Naima on the PlayStore at no cost. It’s pregnancy features include:

  • An emotional health screening feature that assess and guides on the mental well-being of mothers. A healthy mindset is a launchpad to success in everything, including pregnancy.
  • Do you need help with unpredictable emotions? Or are you more interested in the physical health aspects of your unborn son or daughter? There are various departments to cater to every kind of need that’ll arise during this time
  • Pregnant women, with in-app guidance, can create an individualized birth plan encompassing essential details that span trimesters. Plan ahead and ensure a smooth journey to the finish line. 
  • Naima entails a blog section within the app containing important articles about pregnancy. It packs authoritative information about healthy nutrition, the dos and don’ts of pregnancy, and everything else that you may need to know about. 

How Naima works

Are your emotions a little all over the place? Take an AI emotional assessment test and get suggestions on how to keep a lid on the situation. If you have questions you feel would be best tackled by an accredited expert or coach, Naima presents a list of proven professionals whose minds you can pick whenever you’d like. Additionally, through a thorough birth plan, you can find out nutrition necessities, among other needs, from trimester to trimester. 


Why is Naima better than the rest?

Download Naima today for a curated platform that takes care of all your pregnancy concerns. Don’t let the future of your unborn child be guided by the here say on the internet and from people who think themselves experienced, instead turn to the tried and tested professionals of the Naima app. Every bit of information has been verified and has scientific backing, unlike most other apps. 

Moreover, Naima entails a unique AI that offers data about your pregnancy so you can know what’s best for your particular case. It is this specificity, and its wardrobe of experts, that ensure Naima is unlike the rest! 


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