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HelpMe Pro – Get Instant Help from your Loved Ones

My daughter is a research student who travels miles everyday. She is bold enough to face day-to-day challenges but I am still worried about her safety as she returns home late at night. A friend of mine came to my rescue by telling me about an app named HelpMe Pro, which helped in relieving my anxiety. This app enables a person to make emergency calls and notify others through texts and emails when he/she is in trouble.

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What’s the app about?

HelpMe Pro is a lifesaving tool that protects you and your family. It helps you get connected with others when you are lost somewhere or abducted. HelpMe Pro allows you to reach your contacts easily and get instant help from them. Using this app you can get assistance from many people at once by sending them messages to keep them informed of what has happened. This app belongs to the Lifestyle category in the Google Play store.

How does the app work?

Once you install HelpMe Pro, it’s better to place the widget on the home screen so that you can easily access it. The app provides you with 2 main options namely Add contact and Preference. You can save contacts from your smart device into the app using the Add contact option. Ensure that you include all the contact information of your near and dear ones, so that you can reach them by different means. (This will prove to be very helpful when you face a situation that does not give you time to think.)

The Preference option lets you set up the type of notification that you want to send others in case of an emergency (SMS, Email or Call). You can create your own account by including your email id and phone number. In case you get lost in a dense forest or if your car stops in a deserted place, you may not have the time to type a text. With this app, you can just tap on an icon and send multiple texts to people who are in your contact list and call them for help. This option allows you to create a customized message, with the text ‘HELP!’.

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Special features of the app:

HelpMe Pro is an app that everyone must have on their device. It gives peace of mind to people who are worried about their loved ones. One of the notable features of the app is the Quiet mode, which enables a contact to hear what’s going on around you through an open phone line. This helps you in transferring information without the knowledge of others around you.

You can cancel emergency signals at any time, if you feel they aren’t required. To make the notification reach a contact at the earliest, you can set up the frequency between notifications to the minimum. To keep you more safe, the app alerts your contacts with the location where you have got trapped or stuck. The intuitive user interface of the app facilitates easy access for all, including a child. An option that allows you to alert cops immediately could have been added.

HelpMe Pro is a handy tool that all people must own, to take good care of themselves and feel more confident, especially while traveling to unfamiliar places. It costs $9.99 and requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Price: $9.99

Rating: 4.5/5

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