Forget What If?s – Get IP Cam Viewer

Have you ever left your little one with a sitter and called home every half an hour to make sure that everything was all right?? Or have you felt insecure when you were at home alone and you heard a   loud noise in the garage?? No longer do you have to live in fear with the question ‘What if?’ on your mind.

Now technology as advanced to such an extent that you can view every part of your home when you are away from home. How?? Well, with a simple tool like IP Cam Viewer App everything is made possible. Your mobile can be set to all cameras around your house and every single detail can be made note of on your mobile.

Using this app you can make sure that both your home and your precious belongings that you leave behind, are under the best care. You can go to extremes of remotely viewing and controlling your IP Camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, CCTV or WebCam using this app. Now, that gives you a sigh of relief. The app also includes a database of public web cams around the world which includes Traffic Cameras as well.

Looking into the supports that the app provides, well, there is SSL, H.264 for some dvrs, 2-way audio for some cameras, pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ),  preset recall relay control, custom controls, home screen widgets, matrix view, gallery view, double tap for digital zoom, using pinch to zoom, grouping of cameras to organize and for quick recall,  export or import,  sharing capabilities,  browser integration,  app password to protect app access, scan camera capability and more. So, now there’s no reason to leave home in fear. Download the app now and make the best of it.

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  1. Ashley

    That’s great, that’s really great and handy apps for insuring security during staying outside of home. I highly recommending to everyone for using IP Cam Viewer App for making their home and others important place secure. I’ve already downloaded that app and pleased by its well service indeed!! Thanks 🙂

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