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Keeping Touch – Stay Connected with your Contacts Always

Don’t you often forget to call people whom you were once very close with? Priorities change and we often become preoccupied with family and work. But there are many people in your life like your close buddies, family members or ex-colleagues whom you don’t want to lose touch with. All you need is timely reminders to get connected, stay in touch and strengthen those bonds with your loved ones. Keeping Touch is an app that makes sure you keep in touch with all the people who mean a lot to you, no matter how big your list of contacts is!

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About the app:

Keeping Touch is an app that belongs to the communication category. It is a completely rhythm-based call assistant (and not calendar-based). The app allows you to manage and group contacts based on the frequency of your calls. You can set an alarm for each of your contacts or the entire group by choosing a time frame. The app notifies you when it’s time to call them. You need not re-schedule the alarm every time; you automatically receive the alert when it is time to make your next call.

Working of the app:

Keeping Touch allows you to set reminders to call the people on your contacts list. The app has three tabs – Assistants, Statistics, and Contacts. By default, there are two groups, Close Family and Best Friends. The app allows you to add people to these groups or create your own group.

You can decide on the name for each group, frequency of alerts and the time you wish to call them. You can set the ‘keeping touch frequency’ and it can be anything from one day to one year. The app also displays the number of contacts who belong to a particular group. You can check/uncheck contacts whom you want to add/remove from the group.

Keeping Touch alerts you when you have to call your contact(s). By clicking on the notification you can go into the app. The Assistants tab displays all your notifications. If you wish to delete a notification, you just need to tap on it. The Statistics tab provides details of the calls you have made overall, by group and by contact.

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Features of the app:

Keeping Touch has got a perfect management interface. The alarm that alerts you in the early hours of the day is of great help when you need to manage calls on special occasions. The birthday reminder is the coolest feature of the app. You can directly make phone calls to your contacts from within the app. Keeping Touch is indeed a smart app that does not annoy you with repeated alerts. It only sends a pop up when you do not make a call as per the configured rhythm. If the app had the functionality of keeping track of the people who have called us recently, it would be more usable.

Keeping Touch is a must-have for all those who want to stay connected with their loved ones. It is a paid app that costs $1.01 and requires Android 2.1 or later versions.

Price: $1.01

Rating: 4.5/5

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