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3D Pal – Renders A Personality to Your Mobile Device and Makes You Stand Out From Rest!

3D Pal is an application for Android launched by the Irish company Indoirish Software Solutions Limited. The application is available for download on the Google Play. 3D Pal was launched recently, on December 19, 2013. This is one of the top personal assistant applications available on the market. You can use 3D Pal to update your Facebook status, to find the road, to check weather, to check YouTube clips, to play music and videos, and much more. All the functions of the 3D Pal app can be activated by voice.



Your 3D Pal personal assistant application can be fully customized and you can choose any picture of a basketball player, movie star, politician or anybody you want. You can also personalize the app to say your name when turn it on. The application is very easy to use and can help you in your daily tasks. Because the 3D Pal is voice activated you can use it while you are traveling and driving your car. Your personal assistant application can tell you the news in economy, politics, weather, or sports.

When you turn on the 3D Pal app you receive a greeting voice message. 3D Pal can help you navigating while driving. It will gives you quick links, time, contacts, calculation, booking reservation and many more. If you travel a lot for leisure or for business 3D Pal is a great app that can help you with many tasks as your personal assistant.

3D Pal can keep you aware about upcoming events and appointments, organize your calendar, set alarms and voice reminders, and many other tasks. Searching for appointments or adding new appointments in 3D Pal is very easy to do. It is also easy to use 3D Pal for searching directions or nearby businesses. The user interface is very friendly.


3D Pal competes with Google Now on the personal assistant applications market. Comparing with Google Now 3D Pal offers a solid range of features with less screen density and that makes it easier to use. The fact that 3D Pal can talk back to you and give you answers by voice is an interesting feature that is very useful while driving.

3D Pal can be downloaded from the Google Play store at a price of just $2.99. You can also choose the lite version for a trial and convince yourself of what 3D Pal is capable off. 3D Pal works on Android devices. Overall, this personal assistant from Indoirish Software Solutions is a well built Android app, with many useful features and a user friendly interface.

Price: $3.00

Rating: 4/5

Download from Android Market

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