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Forged Yourself into the Mixology Master with Cocktail Master Pro

Have you ever been to wine tasting events? Are you quite the wine drinker yourself? Are you the person who loves to create his own cocktail recipes? If yes to all of these question, then Cocktail Master Pro should be a useful application for you.

What is Cocktail Master Pro?

This is one of the very few applications specialized for people who fancy Wine Kingdom. It is packed with a lot of features that would impress you as a drinker or help impress your friends if you happen to be a professional or at least a skilled bartender.

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The Benefits of Cocktail Master Pro by Features:

You should never settle when you think you’re at your best because the truth of the matter is that everything is open for betterment. And you aptitude to wine mixology is definitely not an exception to that. Cocktail Master Pro will, in it’s own profound ways, turn you into a much better mixologist than you already are. Some of its essential features would include:

7000 Cocktail Recipes:

Just imagine the fact about cocktail recipes having an endless list, that you can actually go beyond the scope of the Blue Margarita as your extreme specialty. This app will acquaint you with tons of magical wine and cocktail mixes that you can try and become well-forged for.

Thorough Descriptions:

You don’t just get to meet with the stars of the table, you also get to learn their back stories, getting to know their provenance. So aside from turning you into a mixology expert, you also become a professional history teacher about the amazing liquors of the world. Aside from the descriptions and the history, there is also the image for every piece in the selection.

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Complete List of Ingredients:

Aside from the fact that this app sets out a seemingly endless list of mixes, it actually provides you with the ingredients for each and every one of them. So, anytime you want to impress someone with a new kind of drink, this app will always work in your favor and always has your back.

Advanced Search:

In case you want to look up a certain drink mix, you can simply do so by keywords through the app’s advanced search option.

To top everything off, Cocktail Master Pro has a fairly simple, easy-to-maneuver yet elegant kind of design that makes everything crisp, clear and on the dot for your Android device. Without further ado, you will learn everything about the app and the things it allows you to do.

Price: $4.00

Rating: 3.5/5

Download from Android Market

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