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Fulfill the Dating Fantasies of Girls or Have Your Own Fantasy Realize

Fulfill the Dating Fantasies of Girls or Have Your Own Fantasy Realized Yboo is a dating app that immediately makes itself unique by giving more focus on what the ladies want in a date. It functions like your average adult friend finder, though, and men can still definitely sign up for accounts. Their task is to describe in detail the ideal date that they are willing to give to women. It’s up to the latter whether she’ll contact the guy and hook up with him.

With that said, the app immediately verifies whether you’re a man or woman once you launch it. It also immediately makes it clear what roles the respective genders are going to play while they are using the Yboo platform (or club, using their own words). You will be asked to input your age, height, and profile picture for an initial reference.

Men, as said above, have to go the extra mile in describing in detail the kind of dates that they would be willing to give to any girl that’s interested. Think of this as the traditional way of wooing the girl. You can use your own words to expound on the date that you want to share with the girl or be given run-through questions regarding dating.

Questions like what place you want the date to take place in, who’s going to pay the bill and other specifics about dating would be asked to you. Your answers to these questions would then generate a standard description of the kind of date you want to have with girls.

Take note that the ability to post dates is actually a paid feature of the app. Nonetheless, the app gives a 7-day trial for those who are interested in trying out the app from a guy’s POV. From the POV of women, on the other hand, the app functions more like a standard adult friend finder. Every date posted and available by guys can be browsed by girls in the ate’ section.

If you find someone you’re interested in, you only need to tap on the Heart icon next to their posted date to express your interest. This would then allow him to view your profile and send messages to you via the built-in chat interface.

Yboo is something special in that it encourages women to take the first step in fostering a possible relationship with men. It lets them see whether there are guys out there who happen to match their preferences when it comes to dating and offers them multiple dating scenarios that they haven’t thought of before. This is a win-win situation for both genders as well upon deeper reflection.

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