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Inner Guideance App To practice Power of Inner Guidance & Steps to getting Inner wisdom

We know that the body has a natural bias toward health and energy. It’s designed to last for 100 years with proper care and maintenance. When something goes wrong with any part of our body, we experience it in the form of pain or discomfort of some kind. We know that when our body is not functioning smoothly and painlessly, something is wrong, and we take action to correct it. We go to a doctor; we take pills; we undergo physical therapy, massage or chiropractic. We know that if we ignore pain or discomfort for any period of time, it could lead to something more serious.

Start in the mundane moments. Don’t try to get all with HER during a major life crisis, after you haven’t consulted with HER for years (or ever). Make your requests small at first. What should I eat for lunch today? What color underwear should I wear? Should I go to a vinyasa yoga class or a yin one? And start to TRUST and HEED the answer that comes to you. Sit in silence daily. I recommend in the morning, before the noise of the day has a chance to rattle your inner world too much (and definitely before checking your phone or updating your Facebook status). Sit in meditation, or Centering Prayer. Don’t ask to hear anything, just sit. Breathe. Be still and open to all of your senses. After this sacred time, notice what is floating up into your attention.

How to Listen to Your Inner Voice and Follow Your Intuition.In our app, we have provided some tips to help you develop trust in your inner knowing. By downloading our app, you well get the answers like Why Inner Guidance , Power of Inner Guidance, Why you need to trust your Intuition, Practice Guides & Steps to do and Getting Inner Wisdom By learning above, you’ll learn how to access the answers you need from within.

Inner Guidance Tips to help you to be true to yourself and to assist you in leading a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled live. Go through this exercise at a time when you can complete the process in one sitting, in an uninterrupted and peaceful environment. Remember, any distractions will pull you away from fully participating in this process.Write in your journal. HER voice often comes out when we write (even if you don’t consider yourself to be a writer). But the key is to send your Inner Critic off for a siesta first, and then to write without any censorship. For three, long-handed pages, write non-stop about anything and everything that comes to mind. This clears away the clutter and the static so the small whisper of wisdom can speak.

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