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PersonalityMatch: Are You and Your Partner on the Same Wavelength? You Can Easily Find Out with This App

Your personality does more than define who you are as a person. It also serves as a good gauge of how compatible you are with people whom you share relationships with. After all, studies have shown that the success of a relationship hinges a lot on whether or not you and your partner’s personalities match. Without a doubt, anyone who has had first-hand experience interacting with someone else on a more intimate level would agree as well. The same goes for people and cliques whom we choose to hang out with.

PersonalityMatch makes it all the more convenient for you to do this by electing to serve as a platform from which you can take personality tests and compare them with others who took the same. After launching, you are given two options, take the test or share your results. That’s pretty much the workings of the app, summed up. The test questions are fairly systematic, completely contrast each other and easy to answer at the same time. There are not a lot of questions to answer as well, which is why you can rest assured that this app won’t take too much of your time.

What makes this app even more likeable is the fact that users would be given detailed results of what their personality is all about. Whether you’re an Idealist or a Thinker (these are but two of the many personality types that this app incorporates), you can really learn more about yourself by reading the facts that are laid out in the Characteristics portion of your given personality.

With that said, this app is certainly not a black-or-white type of app where there are only two results available to users. Assuming you answer the questions honestly, you can be certain that PersonalityMatch would assign an accurate definition of who you are as a person.

Indeed, its feature allowing you to compare your results with your friends can already be considered a bonus, just because of the facts stated above. Nonetheless, it is no less important. After all, it also provides a great view and explanation of why you and your partner click (or not). Match results are displayed in percent, with 100% connoting that you are perfect for one another. You need only to choose from people you’ve already invited to begin comparing.

Every similarity of your personalities would be explained in great detail as well, which only goes to show just how exceptional this personality test app is. This way, you would be able to identify the strong points of your relationship, as well as (and more importantly, as many would agree) what your relationship’s weaknesses are (i.e. what turns both of you off the most). Without a doubt, it would be easier for you to address them once they’ve been pinpointed to you. What makes things even better is that the app also goes all the way in aiding you and your partner by offering personalized suggestions on how you can make your respective relationships stronger.

Lastly, this app certainly makes itself unique from other apps with a similar purpose through its defining features such as allowing users to invite their friends to take personality tests they’ve taken for comparison, as well as its taking the liberty to expound on each type of personality. It takes the time to inform and educate, which is almost always a positive aspect of any kind of app.

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