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Quote Widget: Bits of Golden Wisdom are Only a Tap Away

For a lot of us, quotes are more than a source of wisdom. They are also invaluable words from which we can derive motivation to keep us going in life. Additionally, they are able to let us see things and in the world in general in an entirely different way. These new perspectives could help us tackle an issue that we are currently facing or help us be more empathetic to others in general.

With the help of this Quotes Widget app, you’ll never have to take the time to look for the said quotes because it is able to show hundreds of quotes from different thinkers from around the world in your lock and home screen. You only need to add the widget in the same manner that you add a widget to your smartphone.

What makes things more interesting is that you can actually set the specific quotes that you want to add to the widget. In the settings drop-down menu, there even the option to update the quote. From the app’s interface, you only need to tap on Manage Quotes to browse the hundreds of quotes that the app has. They are labelled with the person who is attributed to saying or writing them.

You may even rate the quotes that are available. Furthermore, you’ll see that on the lower right portion of the screen there is a + icon that would let you add other quotes that you happen to know and proceed to place them in the widget. Once you’ve set the quotes that you want, the app would then proceed to show them at random in either the lock or home screen.

The app also has a Find a Quote feature that lets you set the category (love, relationships, wisdom, success, work, truth and peace, to name a few) as well as the name of author to promptly arrive at the quote that you are looking for This can also be used if you have already have a favorite quote author in mind and want to look for other quotes you still aren’t aware of Unlocking the app effectively removes the ads that appear in the app as well as letting you avail of future updates that would be done to with the passage of time.

Quote Widget’s main feature which is to make quotes and timeless words from the world’s finest paragons readily available to smartphone users is a very original idea that has never been conceptualized by any other app before. It’s a singular defining aspect that really highlights the convenience that this app provides, especially during those moments when we are looking for a bit of inspiration or wisdom in any moment of our lives.

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