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Set Track And Achieve Your Resolution With ResolutionTweet

About App

ResolutionTweet is lifestyle app developed by WebileApps. This app is used to guide you to your resolution.


Inside The App

You can start using this app either signing in with Facebook or email, or you should sign up. After you set up your profile you need to enter your resolution. which can be from various life areas such as personal development, career, health, money, spirituality, fun, travel, relationships and contribution. For each of your resolution with a target date, then you need to set a reminder it can be either daily, weekly,monthly,or quarterly. You can keep your resolution as publicly visible or private or visible only to your friends also. You can also share it via email.


After you have posted your resolution you need to track it regularly. There will be two buttons “Activity” and “Invite”. Using the ‘Activity’ you can update the activities that you have done regarding that particular resolution. You can ‘Invite’ your friends to join that particular resolution using the ‘Invite’ button. In others’ resolution that is listed you will find a ‘Hi5’ using with you can greet them, there is an option to ‘commit’ to others’ resolutions. And also suggest others to invite your friends.

You have a refresh, buddies and settings button the top of the screen. There is an option to display various list of resolutions in the screen. Like displaying my resolutions alone, or my friend’s resolutions alone or the most popular resolutions or all the resolutions or finally there are some in built ideas that comes with the app called as “Bucket List Ideas”. By using this app you will be reminded about your resolutions regularly, which will help you achieve them.


The app’s design is very simple, and its easy to use. The concept of app is totally unique and this make it to stand out among other apps. This app will make achieving your resolution a fun and everyone will like this app. I would give this 4.5 out of 5.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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