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SoberApp Lets You Know Your Limits

Drinking is not a healthy habit. Drinking too much is dangerous not only to the consumer, but also for others. Yes, I am referring about the cases of drunk and drive. Don’t be too adventurous when you are not yourself and know your limits to stay safe.

soberapp bannerrel=“nofollow”>I found an app in the Android Market for guys who don’t know how to stay on the safer side – SoberApp. While launching this app, it asks for some basic information like weight, gender, users’ location, what they have been drinking and when, to calculate whether they can drive. It can also warn about BAC (blood alcohol content) limit isoberapprel=“nofollow”>n their country. It has a large database with more than 3100 drinks and brands with hig h quality images. This app adjusts BAC limitation according to the country of the user for more accurate calculations.

I tried this SoberApp in my HTC Wildfire and encountered a mysterious problem. I got the list of drinks by clicking ‘Add Drink’. After entering the amount and time, I can’t save it. That means even after entering the required details, my BAC level is 0% and the app says that, “You can drive! (or) Have another drink and let someone else do it!”

soberapprel=“nofollow”>There is also a ‘Find Taxi’ button, but it appears to be distorted at the bottom of the screen. However, it works fine. I think this is an impressive feature for an app like this. Interestingly this app also has a barcode scanning feature, so users can scan it to find their favorite drink. And there is also a voice search facility :).

Apart from those hiccups, I find SoberApp a well-designed one and I can’t find any ads in this free app. If you are not sure about your drinking habits give SoberApp a try.

Price: Free

Rating: 3.5/ 5

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