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Thierry Mugler Angel Helps You Find the Right Fragrance

As the smartphones app count has crossed a million, users can find apps for a variety of purposes. I saw an app in the Android Market that lets people find a suitable perfume. Let me review Thierry Mugler Angel today.

Thierry Mugler Angelrel=“nofollow”>Thierry Mugler Angel is an Android app from the popular French perfume manufacturer Thierry Mugler. It lets users create their own dream with Eva Mendes, Angel perfume’s new brand ambassador. The first thing that attracts me as a reviewer is its design. The developers might have put lots of effort in the making of Thierry Mugler Angel.


Users can create their own dream by entering into ‘Create Your Dream’ and by selecting five stars in the constellations. It offers different keywords to choose from and they are linked together into a star formation. Finally, it lets users see their dream, presented as a small film. This film is filled with short clips, where each clip signifies internal feelings. Developers have thierry_mugler_logoused some amazing graphics and colors in these clips. They are neat and classy and add the value this app.

It is the same case with ‘Which Angel are you Today?’. However, instead of presenting clips, it tells users which bottle of Angel would be their perfect choice. As there are only three types of perfumes available, users would get repeated answers. The ‘Behind the Scenes’ section presents a video featuring Eva Mendis, while “Discover the Angel Range” and “Points of Scale,” sections promote the products directly.

As Thierry Mugler Angel is available for free, we suggest our readers to give it a try. You would like this app for its design, even if you are not a great fan of Angel perfumes. This app needs Android 2.2 and higher.

Rating: 4.5/ 5

Price: Free

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