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Bukanir Android Media Video App as a Great Torrent Player

Technological improvements make it possible for people to stream videos through their portable devices. Android media video app like Bukanir makes it possible for people to watch media files without switching to computers.


Developed by gen2brain, the concept behind Bukanir is allowing people to play videos using bittorent magnets. Other video players only let people load video files saved in their devices. In this player, users can load torrent magnet links and be updated with the videos they want to watch.

Movie Streaming Media App


Naturally, several video players have the same features of supporting torrent magnet links, but Bukanir has its unique features that users will certainly love like the following:

High-End Display Support: Display support makes this program work effectively on devices with large displays. Several players do not play videos well on large displays despite their performance or product specifications. However, Bukanir works well on any display device regardless of their display sizes as well as their varying screen features.

Various Subtitle Availability: Subtitles are the main reasons why people choose torrent magnets. Settling with these videos increases their chances of finding subtitles. This mobile app makes subtitle searching and decoding easier because the feature is integrated within the app.

Auto-File Deletion: Free space is necessary to stream video because it will download the device as it stream. However, the app saves people the trouble of manually deleting the file as it will do it for users automatically.

Better Android Support: This Android app is supported in lower Android version like 2.3., which means that people using these devices will still experience their benefit.


Movie Media Streaming App



One of the reasons why Bukanir got famous is its performance. The developer designed it with the best architecture to make sure it will run properly. Working together with the device’s memory and processor will guarantee flawless performance that video lovers want to experience.

User Interface:

User interface has also been enhanced because the developers know that portable device users want an app that they can easily navigate and light to the eyesight. The app is very clean and organized that make it famous among many users.

Without a doubt, Bukanir is getting a lot of attention as an Android media video app because of all its features. The popularity of torrent magnet links also contributed to more people loving to use this app. Check this app and see how it will work for you in playing your files.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5

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