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Decorate Your Home Screen With Awesome Wallpaper

We all like to decorate the home screen of our Android devices with amazing wallpapers. And most of us spend a lot of time looking for cool wallpapers which match our tastes. There are so many wallpaper apps available in the market. A recent addition to the family of wallpaper apps is one named ‘Awesome Wallpaper’ by Banana.

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Awesome Wallpaper is one of its kind. It provides wallpapers in high definition quality and caters to the requirements of people with different tastes. The wallpapers are so colorful and attractive that all users would find them appealing.

Awesome Wallpaper sports wallpapers in about 43 unique categories, ranging from professional sports and 3D to landscapes and babies. Images under the super cars, airplane and military categories would surely draw the attention of teenage boys. The girls would be mesmerized by wallpapers under the cute, flower and fashion categories. There are also many other popular categories for people of all age groups.

You can select your favorite category by tapping on the category name. The collection of images under that category will be listed. You can then view and choose the wallpaper of your choice. You can swipe left or right on the screen to check out wallpapers in other categories and scroll up or down to view more pictures of the same category.

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You have options to comment on the images. You can share them with your friends via email, twitter or Facebook. If you do not find the image of your choice, there is a search engine available through which you can search for the image anywhere online.

Setting the chosen image as your wallpaper is easy. Tap on the image to get it to full screen. You will find options to set the image as your wallpaper and save it to the media gallery. All the images load from the company’s own server and hence the loading speed is very fast.

I was quite impressed with the variety and quality of images. This app is also a great entertaining tool. Awesome Wallpaper is available for free in Google Play and it requires an Android version of 2.2 and above.

Rating: 4/ 5

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