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Slacker Radio App Review

I’m a huge fan of music and I could go on and on 24hrs a day, but I do get bored when I listen to the same songs on my players and there’s always not much variety. I sometimes want to listen to certain particular songs at a particular time, and I find it so hard to find them so I just let the usual flow go on.

With the introduction with “Slacker Radio” things have changed. They make things seem so simple. The app doesn’t work on stations that have numbers and such but infact music can be chosen and you just don’t have to sit and listen to what they play. The choice of music is based on category, artists names, song names, or even band names. For example, this morning I woke up with an urge to listen to some Rock and Roll, it helps me to pep up my day. So I just scrolled down the category list and looked for Rock and Roll and within a few seconds I was listening to the music that I was yearning to listen to.

Besides if I didn’t like the song that I heard I could skip it and get to another. I’m a huge Shania Twain fan and sometimes like to listen to her songs. All I do is go search and type in Shania Twain and I’m listening to her in a min. Then there’s more, you could also read up on song information including lyrics, band biography, and album reviews through the app.

You could also store stations for offline listening, the ones that you really like. And I almost forgot, you could also listen to ABC news on the app, its free for the first 15 days and then you’ll have to subscribe for it though.

Then there’s also an option where you could either like or dislike a song, if you choose to dislike it, the song would never play on your app again. I feel the app to be very useful, it helps me to navigate and listen to songs of my choice within a short time without a lot of searching. The best part is there’s no buffering. “Slacker Radio” is the app of my choice.

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