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Are you a busy globetrotter? Then, you might have to carry piles of business cards and important business related documents with you and that is the burden people don’t like in general. Don’t worry anymore. DIOTEK Co. Ltd. has come up with a solution in the form of a new app – MobiReader Pro.




It has a lot of jaw-dropping features and let me start with “Business card holder”. You can access it just by tapping the “Scan business card” option that lies in the upper part of the home screen. Then, focus your phone’s camera on a business card and tap the snap button to take a photo of it. MobiReader Pro extracts all the information (name, address, company name, contact phone number, email address) from the business cards and stores them in your phone’s address book. You can also make calls directly from the app. MobiReader Pro lets users access all the scanned business cards and their details in the “Business card holder” menu. MobiReader Pro uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to accomplish all these things.

MobiReader Pro can also scan an entire document or particular part of it and can convert it into an editable text. You can put the scanned documents in folders through the “Document folder” menu. This app also allows you to convert these documents into PDF format and it has a translator that can translate in 54 languages. You can upload these documents to Google Docs and share them through email and MMS. This feature lets you access them from a computer if you need. You can also convert an image into PDF format.

The AR (Augmented Reality) is one of the coolest features of this app. It lets you see a location of an address in the camera view of your phone. When you move your camera, the exact location will appear as an icon. It would be great if MobiReader has the capability to share the documents through major social media sites like, Facebook and Twitter. However, this app is worth for what you pay.

I would recommend this app to business people and others who need to deal with business cards all the time.

Price: $3.99

Rating: 4 /5


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