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Moon Phase Pro App Review

The moon, oh! the moon, its the most beautiful sight that I have ever seen next to the setting of the sun over the bay. I find so much piece and tranquility when I look up at it. One could just spread hours in that serene sight and get lost in it, leaving behind that world of stress that you bear on your shoulders. Just the imagination of the scene could make me write on and on. Well this app caught my site on the app store as the very picture itself was the pretty moon that I admire.


The app focuses on displaying a 3D interactive 3D interactive display of moon phase, the angle of the moon, its rise/set times, & the nearest synergies. Its also displays the phases of the moon on a month and you could take a look at this in your calender, changing the phases is very easy too, you could either do it by track ball or by touching the screen or by a direct date entry.

For additional information that you need you can look up the data page which gives you details on the moon’s distance, azimuth, altitude, transit, and more. If you loose touch with the app, and forget to watch out for the major phases , not to worry you could set the app for notifications just to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Yes!, and the part that takes the cake, ‘The Wallpaper’, yes, there is a live wallpaper that comes along with the app , and I’ve got to say its the best wall paper ever. I haven’t seen anything this realistic before, its very captivating and the developer has put in a lot of hard work. Besides this its got 4 sizes of widgets as well. So make sure you take a glance at it if you are a nature lover, and have fun.

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