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Movies By Flixter App review

For people who have a love for movies, especially if you take a trip to the theater atleast once in a week this is a must have. The app’s ability is just awesome, that’s the word that I have to use for it has everything on it, and its all available in a single app.


To start off with when you open up the app you have the list of movies that have come out recently, you can scroll all through the list and have a look at what’s available. When you find something that interests you, you tap on it and it will show you a list where you could choose to see the trailer, look up show times, view photographs of the movie, and when your done watching the movies you could also add your ratings and share it with friends through face book as well.

When you look into “show times”, you could choose the location where you’d like to watch the show by just putting in the postal code, and also choose the area that you want it in by putting in the distance in miles. That will give you all you need , choose the theater your going to and look up the movies that they are playing. If your looking in to see what the movie is based on then, you can look up the synopsis, the cast and also there are reviews and critics opinions that you could look into, which will give you a better idea of what you can expect.

There are also options where you can see what is new on DVD’s and if your interested in some fun events like , looking through photos of actors, and actress, then browse through some movie gossip in the news and many more photos of movies. This is a lot and even more than what one can ask for, try it its very useful.

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