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Android Voice Recorder: The Only Audio Recording App You’ll Ever Need for Your Smartphone

If you need a voice recorder for your work, it can prove to be quite a hassle if you have to have a separate gadget that fulfills that purpose. There are plenty of apps that could practically erase the need for dedicated device for voice recording.

Of course, you probably want something that would be able to provide your specific needs. With the number of nifty features that Android Voice Recorder has, it’s safe to say that you it’ll be all you’ll ever need. Before using the app, though, you have to make sure that your smartphone has microphone support and capability.

You may immediately start recording after launching the app. You only have to tap on the circular icon located in the middle of the recording interface. Once you do so, you may now start speaking or directing your device to the sound that you want to record. The app would start forming waves as well to signify that the audio is being recorded correctly. The timer will start to run as you do so. If you want to end the recording you only need to tap on the Pause icon.

Once you pause, two more icons will appear. These allow you to replay what you’ve recorded or continue recording, respectively. On the options menu, you can choose to save what you’ve recorded (note that all recordings can only be saved many format). In the list of saved recordings, you can choose to play each one, share them to various third-party platforms (email, social media, etc.) or delete them. Any recording that you’ve saved recently will be tagged with a ‘new’ label for easy reference.

In the main recording screen, there is an options tab that expands once you tap on it. It would give you access to icons that allow you to perform specific actions like favoriting, sharing, or getting more info on how you can use the recording feature of the app. The gear icon brings up settings. It’s where you can customize the font of the timer and recording interface.

Two other icons flank the options tab, and they allow you to save the recording easily and open the list of recordings you’ve saved. Back in the screen where you get a list of all your recordings, there is another options tab where you can easily delete all the recordings in the list or send them using email.

Android Voice Recorder sets itself apart with its simplicity and ease-of-use. It presents you with what you need in just a single tap. Indeed, it won’t be wrong to say that that’s probably what the developer focused on, which is undoubtedly what a lot of individuals who need a voice recording app looks for in these kinds of platforms.

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