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BeatApp: Bring Out Your Inner DJ and Send Livelier Voice Messages

Want to give a fresh twist to your voice messages? How about imbuing them with upbeat effects? That’s practically what you would be able to do with the help of BeatApp. The app offers full support for the popular Whatsapp Messenger, allowing you to wow your friends with awesome voice remixes that would certainly tickle their funny bones as well.

In fact, the app actually allows you to become a DJ. From the outset, you are asked to pick a beat of your choosing, and you only need to tap on Choose Beat to begin hearing it. This way, you’ll be able to get into it easier and create your mixes from your voice messages.

Afterwards, you may now start editing your message which has been incorporated into the beat. You can bring down or up the volume of either one and add a variety of effects that only make it fresher-sounding. These effects include being able to integrate filters, delays, and reverbs, for instance. You can enable one, two, or all of them at same time, with each one guaranteeing a different effect.

As for the beats that you can choose from, rest assured that the app offers diversity into this aspect as well. Examples are Kostabar as well as other beats (hot like, for example) which simulate exotic and hip hop jams. What’s certain is that you’ll never run out of options to consider. You may also freely adjust the voice pitch as well as tempo of the beat that you’ve selected.

Once you’re comfortable with your mix, you need only to tap on the Record button. As you do this, you would be able to actually do disc spinning and scratching (much like a DJ in real life) to add the icing on the cake. You may also tap on the Pause or Play button to gain better control over your mixing. Other notable features include the ability to purchase more beats as well as save voice recordings for unlimited editing afterwards.

There are a lot of aspects that make BeatApp truly unique. For one, its interface and design are very stylish, to say the least. It really has a great way of bringing out the overall theme of the app. It’s also designed in such a way that it wouldn’t be hard to navigate through all of its features. Of course, everything about the app’s functionality radiates originality as well; from the built-in DJ wheel to the apparent freedom that you have to exercise your creativity whem making voice message mixes.

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