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Downloading Echo Music Player Which Takes A New Approach to Personal Audio!

If you are a music lover, Echo Music Player is a great app to install for your android. It is a good app that enables you to elevate your music experience to a whole new level, particularly in terms of navigation and usability. Echo Music Player has a stunning beauty that will leave you breathless and an easy to use control feature which makes listening to music more convenient.

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Unique Album Grid:

Echo Music Player has a unique album grid that displays your favorite music album from your android. And what’s amazing is that your most favorite album has bigger image than the rest. You can go to the album section of the app and see your favorite album with bigger image to help you access it easily.

The app also lets your switch from one album to another through swipe. If you are done with a particular album, simply swipe your phone and you will get to another album from the list, which is sorted accordingly.

While in the album, the name of the artist and the name of the song are highlighted on top of your screen.

Convenient Song Search:

Searching for a particular song in your list is easy with Echo Music Player. All you need is to type the keyword of the song and you will get a list of potential result. Now this is much easier and much more convenient, especially when you forgot the name of the album or the artist.


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Best Artist Viewing on Android:

One of the most amazing things with the app is that it lets you see the picture of the artists in a whole new way. If the artist has picture in your phone, it will show in your list. Click on the pictures and it will show you the different songs available.

Setting the Song Queue:

It is easy to manage your song list with Echo Music Player. All you need is to drag and drop to re-order the queue and swipe to delete a song in the list. You can continue to add songs from your queue until you are done. Your song queue will also have pictures beside the song list, making it easy to determine what song to add and delete.

With all these benefits you can get, it is only ideal to download Echo Music Player for your android. This helps you manage your songs conveniently and helps you organize your list.

Also the performance of the app was improved significantly in the updated version.


Price: $1.73

Rating: 4/5

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