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Guitar Craft – Unleash Your Creativity On The Guitar!

Guitar Craft is a wonderful app for those who are keen on showing off and experimenting with their creativity, by unleashing it on the guitar. The app allows guitar players and fans to quickly explore solo ideas, riffs and various songs very easily through the intuitive and high quality audio interface.

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Unlike many other apps out there which are limited in functionality Guitar craft allows users to also experiment with notes and rhythms which will bring a new dimension to their overall experience with the app. Offered with a 50% discount on sale for a limited period of time, it’s only obvious to why those who love playing guitar should get it as soon as possible.


Before letting users in on any features, it’s important to note the app has been especially optimized for the androidplatform, with extra attention given to audio latency and user interface responsiveness.The app comes packed with some pretty solid features users will certain love. They include:

* 2 style Vibrato (rough and smooth).
* Built in tempo modifier and metronome.
* Tunings: Normal, Half step down, Full step down, Drop D.
* 24 fret 6 strings virtual guitar fret board.
* 6 reverb effects: Psycho, Abyss, Cave Arena, Hall, Room.
* Tablature HUD screen for viewing and editing your music.
* And many more.

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The Process of Creating a Riff:

For those who are interested in creating a solo or a riff, they should know that this is a 2 step process. First off, they need to touch all the notes they want included in their riff, like chords, palm mutes, vibratos, bends and so on. Secondly, they need to press the “Record” button and time the notes. If they’re satisfied with the results, they can either save the riff or choose do more experimenting.

Featuring the possibility of experimenting with notes and rhythms and having integrated very powerful algorithms for sharp responsiveness and excellent audio latency, Guitar Craft is definitely an app for the serious guitar player who doesn’t want to sacrifice creativity due to limitations in the app’s functionality!

Price: $2.57

Rating: 4/5

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