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Klotzkoepfchen Guitar Trainer – Learn The Notes On The Guitar Fretboard!

So you wanted to learn how to play the guitar but here you are faced with different problems because you don’t have a guitar, your room mate or neighbour don’t like the noise, you very small fingers, etc. Well you don’t have to worry no more, because there’s a revolutionary guitar training application that you can use with your phone, in your own room, without the excess noise. That app is called the Klotzkoepfchen Guitar Trainer.

Klotzkoepfchen Guitar Trainer

This particular guitar trainer that you can download to your Android phone lets you learn the basics of guitar playing without the hassles, particularly learning the different guitar notes you find to be very confusing to look at. Furthermore, this guitar trainer will help you make a successful grasp of the following:

* Learn guitar notes using easy steps
* Get the right finger placement with the practice mode.

Another good thing about this application is that you get to use different view settings, helping you learn different notes easier. This app also lets you see the notes played in a particular song while you are playing it, making sure your hitting the right notes at the right time it is played throughout the song. What’s even more interesting is that it lets you use your fingers freely so you don’t have to follow the traditional finger placement which might be inconvenient for you.

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You can also decide to set a specific sound for any of the chords to match it with songs that you want to play. Want to play the solo part? You can do so by specifically setting a chord to play any sound that you would like it to be when playing a specific part of the song.

Some recent additions such as Composer, Singlenotes and Transposer can also make your guitar learning experience a pleasant one.

Price: $3.37

Rating: 4/5

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