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Lyreka: Radiate Your Thoughts on Song Lyrics Better with This App

Every song can be interpreted subjectively by anyone, and it’s undoubtedly what most of their artists intend. Sometimes the lyrics of a specific song would strike a chord in us, and we are seized by a strong desire to share its meaning to someone. With Lyreka, you won’t have to be bothered by the fact that there might not be a ready listener to your thoughts, as it’s practically a community that focuses primarily on this very activity.

Upon starting, you are asked to sign up for an account using your email or you can opt to just connect your Facebook account. You won’t have to research and upload the lyrics of the song of your choosing as well, since Lyreka boasts of having a collection of more than 800,000 song lyrics, 40,000 artist profiles, and 100,000 albums. You need only to click on a song, and you can promptly start viewing the lyrics or posting your own interpretation of the lyrics. The artist, song title, genre, year released, and album art would be displayed above.

What’s great is that the app also takes the liberty to provide you with links to performances and shops of respective songs on Youtuve, Spotify, and Amazon Music. You can easily shift from lyrics to meanings to posting with the tabs located below the songs’ interface.

All the interpretations shared by users are accessible to the entire community, and you can view and grade each one by giving Eurekas (the app’s equivalent for Likes or Points); you can receive them as well, if your interpretation was well-liked by or resonates with many other Lyreka users. Of course, since it’s designed to be a social network as well, anyone can freely comment on posts too. It’s also not at all hard to find people who share similar musical interests with you this way, which is why the app allows users to follow each other. Lastly, one other nifty feature is the ability to search for songs with a built-in image text recognition capability.

Lyreka is made unique from other lyrics-centered apps (and they are very few) by its serving as a minor community for lovers of lyrics interpretations. That you can share your thoughts about a song and read others’ interpretation of it in a single platform is undoubtedly what makes this app unique and great at the same time. There are already established websites out there that give users a chance to share their interpretations to a song, but Lyreka’s more amenable social-network-like setting is bound to attract users better.

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