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Preset the Volume of Ringtones & Alerts in Your Mobile with Persist + Volume Control

Has an unexpectedly loud ringtone or message/notification alert from your mobile given you an “I wish the earth could open and swallow me” moment? I’m sure this must have happened to you at some point when you were in a meeting, at a concert or at a library. With an app named Persist + Volume Control, you can preset the volume levels of alarms, ringtones, message alerts, system sounds, and bluetooth sounds so that you wouldn’t be caught in an embarrassing situation ever again.

Ringtone Sound Control Apps


Once you install the app in your Android device, you can get started with presetting the volume for various sounds. The app’s home page has a list of options such as Alarm, Media, Ringer, Notifications, System, Voice, and Bluetooth, with a slider option to adjust the volume for each of them. Each of these options has a unique iconic representation, and by clicking on the icons you can customize the mode – normal, silent and vibrate, set the vibration on or off and select ringtones from the huge collection. You can even set individual ringtones and sounds alerts for different purposes. In addition to this, you have an option to lock the volume controls so that other apps don’t reset the volume.

With this app you can customize the audio options for different locations and time schedules such as home, night, work, meeting, default, appointment and driving. For example, in the meeting mode you can mute all sounds.

By enabling the notifications option in the Settings menu, you can receive alerts for any changes made to the volume controls. Let us say your ringtone volume has been increased without your knowledge, you will be intimated about this change right away.

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Persist + Volume Control app has a simple user interface and it is easy to navigate between pages. This app is available in both free and paid versions. With the premium version, which is available for $3.99, you are provided with a home screen widget that makes it easy for you to preset and shift between Home, Work and Meeting modes without even opening the app. In the premium version, you can also schedule automatic volume adjustments based on your GPS location, different times of the day and appointments. This app has a multi-language option which allows people across the globe to use it.

As a first time user, what I missed in the app is a comprehensive Help section. Developers could consider adding customized background themes and a color code for different screens to help users distinguish between modes easily.

Persist + Volume Control is an amazing tool to customize and manage your smartphone’s ringtones and alerts.


Price: $3.99
Rating: 4/5


Download from Android Market

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