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Swizzle – Free Music Streaming: One-Stop Music Playlist Creation App

Mobile devices currently have top caliber audio features that users want to take advantage of. With an Android music app like Swizzle, music playing is much easier even in using online streaming sites like YouTube.

Swizzle for Android

Concept and Theme

Developed by Ideabove Inc., this music app is designed to mix and loop playlists set in YouTube. This allows users to play specific playlists according to party requirements or on their mood. Instead of creating a mix CD, this app will suffice for music need on certain events.

What makes this app stand out is its credentials and interface. The app won the beGLOBAL 2014, a prestigious annual conference for global technologies under the management of beSUCCESS, which is a Korean counterpart of TechCrunch. Capturing the eye of the who’s who in the tech industry makes this app a reliable solution for video and song needs. The user interface also stands out for being organized and having a one-of-a kind design.


Swizzle – Free Music Streaming app’s key features include the following:

* Easy Playlist Customization – Customize playlist according to mood or event. Search files through YouTube by accessing the Swizzle platform.

* Collaborative Playlist Creation – Don’t limit playlist selections to a user’s own ideas. Welcome others’ input through its collaborative playlist platform and get suggestions from friends or new people met online.

* Music On The Go – Access Swizzle wherever the device and user go.

* Flaunt Music Taste – A user can show off his music preference across the Swizzle network.

* Organized User Interface – This app’s user interface is easy to navigate due to its organized design.

* Platform to Meet New People – Being a social jukebox app, Swizzle lets users meet other individuals within the network.

Swizzle Android App


Using this app begins by accessing the main user interface. The home page has link for creating Swizzlist, or Swizzle playlist. Select music from recommended selections or others recommended by friends. Check other friends’ playlists and the user can add them to their selections. This app plays and loops the music for continuous music enjoyment.


Swizzle is useful for everyone who likes music. A user can create his work playlist or house party playlist and load them whenever necessary. A musician can also get music inspiration for his next cover by loading his favorite artists on the app. Someone with a unique music taste can find someone who digs his jam by using Swizzle.

Design and Performance:

Swizzle’s overall design is easy to navigate and utilizes colors that are comfortable to the eyesight. The app also performs and responds well with Android version 4.2 and above.

Swizzle – Free Music Streaming is a one-stop app for everyone’s music need. Search favorite tunes and load them to specific playlists that make music playing more enjoyable.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

Download from Android Market

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