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Taste Filter – Discover New Music in Minutes!

What if there was a way to journey through the almost infinite musical universe by just using your fingertips and your smartphone? How do you think it would feel to rediscover long lost artists and also enter new musical realms while discovering new genres of music? And what if creating a killer playlist would be as simple as taking a breath?

Taste Filter

Ease of Use:

Well, all of that and more is now possible thanks to the new Taste Filter android app. All you need to do to get started is enter the name of some artists you like and you’ll immediately be recommended thousands of other similar artists that you can enjoy. From this point on it’s up to you to decide where you want to go.

Smart Recommendations:

If you’ll love one of the recommendations, the app will update with other genres and artists pertaining to the same musical style. However, if you don’t, the app will just stop recommending you that particular music style and propose you something different. Before you’ll even realize it, you’ll have more music on your hands than you could ever imagine.

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Intelligent Programming:

Taste filter is also an intelligent app that remembers your preferences and as it knows you better, it starts making better recommendations. If you like a couple of songs you can make a playlist out of them, which can be very easily organized. Eventually, you can even share these playlists with your friends and see what they think of your tastes.

Even better is the fact that the app is available for download right now, but only 500 downloads are allowed. If you hurry up, you may be amongst the first to enjoy it before it will be improved even more so that it delivers you the great songs and artists you’re looking for. Have fun wandering in the wonderful realm of music!

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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