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Android Instant Apps Gathering Steam

The introduction of instant apps is considered to be the next big advancement for Android devices. These apps are accessed through a browser and function similarly to the way they would if they were installed directly to a phone or tablet; while there are some limitations, users rave about the convenience they offer. They don’t take up storage space on their devices in the same way as a traditional installation would so users receive the perks of an app with the ease of browsing the web.

Many online entities offer their experience in web, mobile app, and instant app forms such as Facebook or Twitter. It is however beneficial for smaller companies or start-up enterprises to take advantage of instant apps as well; this is because asking users to perform a download can become a barrier to connection. Storage space on users’ devices are limited, even if they’re brand new, and those on the go need to be choosy about what apps they keep based on what they make use of most. When an emerging company gives their target audience the opportunity to reap the benefits of their app without having to download it – they exclude fewer people, keeping the doors open for a future relationship.


Partnering with a flexible mobile app developer in Canada can help you get your instant app off the ground, especially if you’re leaning towards commissioning a product for the Android interface. Guaraná Technologies is one app development agency with Android expertise. Whether you have a burgeoning app idea or need a consultation regarding making your existing downloadable Android app an instant one, this Canadian company will embark on all sorts of projects with their clients.

Their developers are highly knowledgeable in Java programing language for Android systems and will create the code for your app. They’ll also do the wireframing, where their UX design experts will predict user paths and ensure the app emerges user-friendly. Then, their UI designers will create the layout and add-ons like special widgets as they navigate through the Android framework. Check out other apps they’ve designed for Quiz Run, Numnu (a food discovery app), or oVote – a service that lets users weigh in on decisions being made in their communities. Offering these in instant app form would alleviate the burden of asking users to decide about what they should remove from their phone simply to try out something new.

Instant apps are gathering steam because so long as accessing them is enabled on a user’s device, they don’t have to install any apps they can connect to through the web. Turn your existing app into an instant app, or ensure you offer this version once you launch a product, and gain traction through providing users with options. By partnering with a strong and capable developer,they’ll ensure no performance features are missed or lost, they’ll maintain your app to keep it bug-free, and finally, through optimization, they’ll see it receives the visibility you want.

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