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Get Closer to Your Favorite Stars with Yapert: For Fans Everywhere

Do you feel disappointed about missing out on the posts of your favorite stars often? The videos, photos and other updates which celebrities post are likely to go unnoticed in the pile of Facebook and Twitter posts and updates you receive every day, and it can be quite tough to search for them. An app named Yapert: For Fans Everywhere provides you with an effective solution by bringing all the posts of your favorite stars to one place.

 Celebrity Social Apps for Android


Once you install the app, you can get started by using your Facebook/Twitter/email account. Next, select your favorite stars from various entertainment fields such as music, sports, cinema and other fields you are interested in. You can also add your favorite bands, teams, social welfare associations, and go green movements to your list.


When you are done, the app displays the videos, posts, photos and other news shared by the stars you love. You can share them with your friends in Yapert and add comments, as well. This app offers exclusive coverage of major red carpet events that includes the Oscars and the Grammys!


Yapert lets you get connected to your friends by sending them friend requests. You can find out about all the recent activities of your favorite celebrities by checking their page in the app. You can bookmark the updates you like and come back to them later. As the app provides instant notifications whenever updates are posted, you will always remain abreast of latest happenings.


The app has an option called Stack to collect and organize the photos and videos you treasure into your personal folders. You can virtually hang out with your buddies by chatting about the latest gossip in Tinseltown. You can garner support for your favorite stars by participating in fan club activities. In addition to this, you have options to send text messages, access your Google+ circles and Pinterest account, from within the app.


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Yapert has a well-designed interface that makes navigation easy. The app is quite intuitive and a first-time user can easily find his way around without a tutorial. Yapert is a free app which comes with in-app purchases. In the next version, developers can consider adding a separate news section to get the latest updates from various film industries around the globe.


Yapert: For Fans Everywhere is a great way to stay connected with the stars you can’t get enough of!


Price: Free
Rating: 4/5


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