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Enjoying the mild breeze in the morning with a cup of coffee and newspaper is a great way to get your day off to a great start. But nowadays, we hardly find time to read the newspaper and choose to stay updated with the latest news by listening to the radio while traveling or watching TV at the end of the day. Wouldn’t it be great to have a newspaper app that gives you news from all over the world? Yes, an app that offers newspapers of different publication groups and different languages. PressReader, a new entrant to the Google Play store, is the app in discussion.

What’s the app about?

PressReader is a PDF rendering engine that allows you to read various kinds of newspapers. The app streams the content of the newspaper seamlessly and lets you read newspapers of different languages. This app renders content (both text and pictures) with clarity, thereby providing users with a comfortable reading experience.



How does the app work?

Register your smart device using your email id to start using the app. (Or make use of the free trial pack for a day, if you would like to test it first before registration) PressReader has a Source option that displays a list of more than 90 countries along with the number of newspapers published in each country. Using this option you can select a country and a newspaper of your choice. You can view the list in alphabetical order or by the date of publication. You can read a newspaper by conveniently flipping through the pages. Just click on a particular topic from any page to view all the details about it.By clicking on the star icon, you can add a particular page or an article to your list of favorites.




Special features of the app:

PressReader lets you share important news with your friends and family via social media and email. To archive certain news items, you can copy the text and paste it in Evernote, Instapaper or in any other document. The font size can be increased or decreased as required, making it easy to access the latest news from anywhere, at any time. At times when you aren’t able to read the news from the app, like when you are traveling or driving, you can make use of the app’s audio option and listen to the news.

Though I found this app to be a very handy tool, I faced some difficulties while using it. There were times when I was unable to access back issues. I also noticed that the app does not support all types of photos in the newspaper. To make the app more usable, an option for offline reading could have also been included.

PressReader is a free app which requires Android 2.1 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 3.5/5


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