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Roundup: A Personalized Social News Reader to Keep Yourself Updated

I was taking a casual look through the Play store when I found a social news reader named Roundup. The app gives you a customized aggregation of news from social networks that you regularly use. As most of the feeds you receive on social networks are cluttered, the most important ones that you actually love to read are often lost in the crowd. Roundup filters news feeds based on articles and blogs that you browse on a regular basis, and lets you access them easily.   

Personalised News Reader App

The app has a beautifully designed user interface.  I love the cube transition that happens in the app every time you swipe between articles and news feeds. Navigation is streamlined, and the app gives you a fun, hassle-free reading experience on your smartphone. The best thing about using Roundup is that you don’t have to wait for the pages to load; the news feeds are already there and you don’t have to switch to the browser. You just have to swipe and start reading. 🙂 

Roundup has a Time Saver feature, which gives you an approximate reading time for each article, helping you plan your social news reading. Every time you are online all your feeds get lined up, and this feature helps you continue with your reading even when you are offline. The app also allows you to bookmark articles that you’d like to read later, and lets you to share your favorite ones with your friends. Roundup comes with black and white newsfeed themes that can be customized for the various times of the day, giving you the best reading experience you can ever have. 

Newsfeed Reader App Android

Roundup is a pretty decent app that allows you to focus on your reading, without having to deal with ads and pop-ups.  Though I am quite satisfied with it, I would love to see more articles from different sites to give me a diversified reading experience. 


Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Download from Android Market

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