Ninja’s Ascent Free – Catch the Moving Objects to Jump High

Have you ever met a ninja? You might have seen him in movies and may have even thought of becoming one. But, what would it be like to save a ninja? Get this new app named Ninja’s Ascent Free and help the Ninja climb as high as possible. You can make use of rubble and UFOs to help him reach great heights, literally.

About the app:

Ninja’s Ascent Free is a fun jumping game in which you have to move up the field with the help of objects. The game is about catching various objects that fall in your way and utilizing them to jump high. You need to decide on the height of your jump and use the falling objects to move up. You have to save yourself from the approaching fireballs. If you hit a fireball, you will lose your life.

Working of the app;

Once you start playing the game, you need to decide where you want to jump. You need to catch the falling rubble (by tapping on the screen) to jump even higher. When you start tapping, you will find a variety of objects like walls, UFOs, and bricks dropping down. You can get maximum power and increase your speed by getting hold of the powerup icons. An arrow appears at the top of the screen to warn you about approaching fireballs. You will have to steer clear of them and scramble to safety really fast to save your life.

You can submit your scores to the high score board and compete with other online players. The ‘How to’ option helps you understand the concept of the game easily. The background music included in the app goes well with the theme. The gorgeous graphics, single-tap gameplay and the addictive fun this game provides are sure to delight both kids and adults.

Ninja’s Ascent Free is a great way to test and sharpen your climbing and jumping skills. A pause option could have been included, to help users resume the game at their convenience. Nevertheless, the app offers tons of action and hours of endless gaming.

Ninja’s Ascent Free requires Android 1.6 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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