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No More Waiting to Book Your Favorite Sports Tickets

Gone are the days, where you had to rush to the arena, wait in a long queue and waste ample time to book tickets for your favorite sport. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could book your tickets from the place where you are right now? Well, you’ve got an app called Sports Tickets that does the job.

Sports Tickets allows you to buy tickets for any sporting event, be it NBA, NHL, NFL, MLS, MLB or any other, right from your Android device. Tickets can be purchased in a much faster and convenient way without being caught up in the waiting line and it also gives you a lot of options instead of just booking tickets.

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Once you have installed the app, you can choose any sport of your interest and view all the events related to that sport. You can also choose to see events that are happening at a venue or you can refer your current location and let the app search the events for you in your area using the GPS in your device. The location options can be set in the settings where you can choose to limit your search results by radial distance or enter personalized location details like a state, a city or a town. The search results can be filtered using various categories. For example, if you need event details of the current week, you can select the ‘This week’ events option.

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Once you have found your favorite event, you can decide where you would like to sit during the play. Sports Tickets allows you to choose a seat of your choice based on the price, row, section or number of seats available for the event. An exciting feature of this app is that you can take a look at the exact seating structure of any stadium or theater before you make up your mind.

After you have selected your seats, you can book your tickets by making a call through the option provided, or place an order through Sports Tickets by entering all the necessary details. The application takes you to the Braveheart sports network website where you can complete your booking. The whole process is done through a secured network connection. The information entered is stored by a means of secured encrypted technology for repeated orders. There is also a feature to share your favorite sport events with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Bluetooth etc.

You can even book your concert tickets or theater tickets through this app. The interface is easy to use and is well-structured. Sports Tickets is compatible with the Android version of 1.6 and above. This app is available for free. It is definitely a must-have app for die-hard sports fans. Download this app now and get your tickets with just a single tap on your phone!


Rating: 4/ 5

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