Office Calculator Pro App Review

This app is absolutely awesome and it manages to speak for itself. This is a virtual Tape calculator, that is capable of percent calculation with fixed or commonly know floating point arithmetic. The app is just wonderful and I just can’t stop praising it, its absolutely worth the cost that they have come up with. I have been scanning shops and stores for such a thing and finally I have been blessed with the best GP calculator, which makes my daily calculations seem like a piece of cake.
The app is of a clean slate with no frills and laces, and completely accurate, and the tape option I just have to say it , its just so awesome!!!, its great looking with wonderful functions on it. Works absolutely great on the Droid X and has all the math functions that your looking for with the added memory feature in case you want to look up on something. The best part that I like is that you can work on the app without the fear that your battery is going to die on you, you could also easily turn off the vibration  by just using the keystroke.

To get into the features that the app provides, well the app is basically an office calculator with a virtual tape attached. The app is completely equipped to fit all the office tasks that you need to perform. There are benefits that help you to switch between the calculator view and the tape view. Not to worry about the space available in the tape, for there is enough space to accommodate as far as 500 lines in the tape view.

In relation to fixed point arithmetic or floating point arithmetic, the fixed point arithmetic has 20 digits and 0 – 4 decimal places where as the floating point arithmetic has 64 bits. According to the default that is set into the calculator  it works with fixed point arithmetic showing 2 decimal places, which is normally used in most of the calculations with amounts.

Besides this, the calculator also provides three rounding modes like up, down and 5/4. They also support percent calculation to add or subtract percent values. Making things very easy when it comes to calculation, including calculating tax amounts with the calculator.

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