Palringo App Review

Have you sometimes grumbled when your phone bill turns up really huge, especially when you expected to be a lot lesser? Is one of the reasons for huge phone bills messages?. Well I’ve got a solution for that. Well I’m not going to ask you to stop messaging.
Offcourse not, I know how we all like to keep in touch with our loved ones all the time, and stop messaging is just out of the question. Then what could be the remedy??. Well “Palringo” has blown our way, and its an app that is a must have if your one of those messaging kind.

Palringo helps you keep in touch with your friends and family through messages for free. What more could anyone ask for. Curious on how they let you rule the messaging world for free?. Well, Palringo is a IM service on its own and allows you to message for free when you sign up with Palringo.

Not to worry the procedure is not at all tedious, all you need to put in is your email address and your through. You could start messaging any of your friends using the IM service for free. We are blessed with this asset as, Palringo does all its business over the mobile web this will help contact people through your phone’s 3G or Wi-Fi. The best part is weather you are on ICQ, Facebook Chat or Hotmail, Palringo permits you to message any of your contacts for free on your phone, through their instant messaging service. So why spend loads of money on messaging services when you can have all for free. 😉

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