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3D Live wallpaper Garage: A New App Users Must Try

Mobile app is not limited to games or other daily software that people find necessary for their daily tasks. Some apps are designed with simple functions like live wallpapers. Although they are just wallpapers, they prove useful for adorning the mobile phone display while promoting interactive features that users can use. One of these apps is the 3D Live wallpaper Garage.

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This Android app is designed for car enthusiasts wishing to have the Fast and the Furious garage and car picture as wallpaper. Developed by Aloyse, 3D Live wallpaper Garage becomes one of its live wallpapers available for Android users today.

3D Live wallpaper Garage has the following features that you can enjoy:

• Quality 3D Wallpaper Design: Feel The Fast and the Furious feel right on your mobile phone with its high caliber design. It is a 3D wallpaper that has better appeal than the usual photos placed on the background. The rugged look of the garage plus the fabulous look of the feature car makes it standout among the 3D wallpapers found in Play Store.

• Interactive Features: The 3D Live wallpaper Garage is also an interactive wallpaper. It responses by changing the car and the garage’s view when you swipe the display. You wil feel like doing an ocular check in the garage.

• Can be Downloaded Easily: This Android app can be downloaded easily through Play Store as an app with 17MB file size.

• Available for earlier Android Version: Unlike other live wallpapers, Garage is available for devices running on Android 2.2 version. It is the minimum requirement, allowing people who have not upgraded to Jelly Bean to enjoy this app.

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• Ideal for Every Age Group: Other live wallpapers are designed for adults only due to their contents. This wallpaper, however, is ideal for everyone and will not be a problem for adults with kids who want to play with the device.

• A New App Available Today: This app is one of the latest applications. It means that future enhancements will be delivered in the future, making it a better wallpaper to use when you feel like having this wallpaper in your phone.

Overall, 3D Live wallpaper Garage is one of the Android apps that you can place in your mobile phone. It looks great as a wallpaper while having other interactive features that you will find interesting. Get this app at an affordable price through Play Store and install it on your device even if you are using earlier Android OS.

Price: $1.35

Rating: 4/5

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Rating: 4/5 rel=“nofollow”>

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