C Locker Free-Customizing the Lock Screen Personalization

App Review for an Android app C Locker Free!

It is without doubt that C Locker Free is among the greatest enhancements brought to life by Google. Strictly reserved for Androids, this incredible app has made it uniquely possible to quickly set-up the lockscreen including the addition of compatible widgets.

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Pro Version Additional Features:

From the lockscreen, there are a number of menu items that you can access. These include; the latest updates on RSS Feeds (BBC, CNN), Battery Info., Network Provider Name, and also the Calendar Events List Reminder to help alert you on the ‘to do lists’.

When it comes to customization, there are quite a handful of issues you can set up on your lockscreen. You can effectually play or skip the music by long pressing the Volume Rocker Control saving you the time and effort of browsing your android. Customizing the Screen Off Volume Skip will also enable you to play the next or previous song available in the playlist.

The sliding gesture of the Locker Screen can move in four directions, namely; Left, Right, Up, and Down. Choose a direction that is best fit for you, one that would make your Android interactions easy enough. There are more than 10 custom shortcuts that you can use to launch apps, direct SMSs including direct calls – all these available on the lockscreen.

The RSS update interval, PIN Unlock, Clock background (either full transparent or black transparent), the Clock position from left to right, and last but not least, the Font Color and Styles are also some of the features that can be customized in the Pro Version.

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Free Version Features:

In the Free Version, one can be able to access the following on his or her android handset; Time, Date, Day, and the Next Alarm. Also included on the lockscreen are the Weather Information, Missed Calls, New SMS notice, and Media buttons (play, pause, previous, next) which automatically shows whether a song is playing or not.

Like the Pro Version, there are many features which you can customize on the lockscreen. Including;

You can hide the status bar by setting up the Full Screen feature. The Lockscreen wallpaper is also available with the Live Wallpaper now supported to make you enjoy and dictate certain graphics and interfaces. For the missed call recordings, you can opt to either to hide or show the contacts including the New SMS contents.

Customize your own icon selection, Screen Timeout, Unlock and Screen Off sound, Weather Update Interval, and many other settings through the comfort of a C locker. Like this is not enough, you can also choose to disable the Default Home Button function and long press the Home Button to enable you launch the recent apps.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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