App Shortcut Maker: Powerful Shortcut Creator that Brings Plenty of Convenience and Customizations to the Table

Have you always wanted to edit the shortcuts of your apps and create your own customized shortcuts? Well, with App Shortcut Maker, you can make your Smartphone really stand out because the app gives you the power to do those and more. In fact, the app really goes all the way when it comes to just about every aspect that concerns app shortcuts.

Upon starting App Shortcut Maker, you would promptly be given a view of all the apps that are currently in your device. If you tap on one icon, you would be able to make the modifications said above. Do you want, for instance, to rename the shortcut or assign a completely different icon for it? You can pretty much do those things with a few taps. Take note that the icon packs would have to be downloaded from the Play Store first, though, as they don’t come integrated in the initial installation of the app.

What makes things even better is that the app even allows you to change the shape and color of the shortcut icons by choosing a basic shape for it These shapes range Circle and Square to Heart and Ace, to cite a few. Afterwards, you would be able to choose from a variety of color hues that would serve as the background color of the icon.

The icing on the cake is that the app also allows you to create your own icons from the pictures on your Gallery. You would be able to do significant modifications to the image, like cropping it, to make it more compatible for use as an icon. However, you would have to unlock the full version of the app first in order to gain access to this advanced feature.

The app doesn’t limit the creation of shortcuts for other apps alone as well This is because it also gives you the ability to assign shortcuts to the internal activities that take place within the said apps as well For instance, if it happens that you want to only access the specific page of an app without having to launch it and tap through various tabs in it, then you can just create a shortcut for that activity to access it with a single tap!

App Shortcut Maker highlights its difference from other apps that deal with the editing and creation of shortcuts with the comprehensive features that it has It gives you plenty of options and capabilities that really make it worthy of being categorized solely as an app that specializes on shortcuts.

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