Best Live Wallpapers: Breathe Life into Your Smartphone’s Design with These Excellent Animated Wallpapers

Many Smartphone users would agree that one of the best ways to customize and make their devices stand out is by choosing unique wallpaper for it. Wallpapers also have that almost therapeutic effect that really has a way of stimulating our visual sense. What could be better, then, than wallpapers that are animated?

With Best Live Wallpapers, you can choose from a plethora of wallpapers in motion that you can seamlessly add to your Smartphone. The entire interface of the app calls to mind websites that offer such wallpapers for download. The only difference, of course, is that you can always easily access them in mobile.

The choices are organized into numerous categories like Rain, Fire, Nature, Summer, and Water with Flow, to name a few. Tapping on the main menu of the app can access these categories. Once you tap on one category, you would immediately be taken to the numerous selections of live wallpapers that the app has to offer. You would be provided with a preview of each one, with its corresponding file size immediately displayed to you.

Once you decide on the one you like, you need only to tap it and you would promptly be given a preview of it, as well as the option of whether you would set it as a wallpaper or go back to the choices by tapping on a ‘Settings’. The app also includes a Favorite feature wherein you can favorite specific wallpaper so you would never have to scour the categories for it if you want to revert to it in the future.

And if you’re worried that setting any of these moving wallpapers would cause your battery levels to be consumed faster, know that the app has actually modified their wallpapers to address just that issue. While the app’s selections are mostly free to download, know that there are a couple of wallpapers that are only available for Pro users, which come with a price. For their beautiful animation and overall aesthetic appeal, though, we won’t hesitate to say that they are truly worth the relatively low price.

The singular aspect that makes Best Live Wallpapers unique among the hundreds of wallpaper apps available at present is its highly original collection of animated wallpapers. The fact that the app has addressed the battery-eating issue of these kinds of wallpapers makes it all the more the most recommended option for users who have always liked to incorporate live wallpapers into their phones.

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