CLARO: Random Wallpaper Changer App with Better, More Dynamic Options and Settings

Having static wallpaper can be very boring in the long run, but if you have limited time to invest in changing your Smartphone’s background, then you should really consider a wallpaper changer app. Besides the obvious perk of being able to automatically get a new wallpaper, most of these kinds of apps also lets you set and schedule a specific time that would give you a completely different wallpaper for your phone. A good example that is worth highlighting is CLARO.

CLARO, once started, lets you create a folder where you can choose and upload various pictures directly from your phone’s Gallery to use as wallpapers. It also lets you assign filters to them beforehand, which is not only a plus when it comes to convenience but raises the aesthetic appeal of the images as well (the filters at present are Grayscale, Sepia, and Random).

From this interface you may also set if you want the wallpapers to automatically fill your screen as well as choose the specific times of day that a wallpaper change would be made for a particular folder that you have created. From there, you can go on to set the exact intervals that you want the app to make a wallpaper change. There are no set minutes that you can pick as you can set the exact minute interval that you prefer. Otherwise, you can opt to set the duration for which a specific wallpaper would display by scheduling its start and end times respectively.

You could either set as random or sequence the order in which the wallpapers would appear as well, which gives the app that much-needed sense of spontaneity – an aspect that is preferred by users who want to keep things as fresh and random as possible. By creating multiple folders, you would be able to make all the more unique combinations and synchronizations with your wallpapers. The effects would especially be more impactful and profound if you use high-quality images.

CLARO sets itself apart from other wallpaper changer apps by offering numerous modifications that you can apply on how you want your chosen wallpapers to appear on your phone. It doesn’t eat up your Smartphone’s battery while doing the said changes as well, making it all the more recommended. It really knows how to automate the process of wallpaper changing for you so if you want an app that you can confidently entrust such a task to, look no further than CLARO.

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